Rodi Garganico

In the National park of gargano, where the sea is owner of thegardens of orange stands Rodi garganico, rich of unmistakable beauties. The geographical location of Rodi,l favorable for growing citrus, was an important incentive for the marketing of oranges. In fact in the early twentieth century was one of the main centers of production and export of citrus.

Rodi is suspended between heaven and earth, is a continuous succession of golden beaches, caves and cliffs in the crystalline sea.
Rodi garganico has very ancient origins. The medieval walls of the village surround the iold city. Deserves attention the district called “Vuccolo” , the borough identified as “Below the castle” thet preserves the remains of the fortifications of an old castle. It really nice walks in this boroughs, throughs the narrow streets that climb, watch the while houses that overlap each other…built so close together in order to protect themselves from enemy vessels arriving from the sea.

The old town of Rodi garganico retains trace of its ancients origins. It is to admire it in the Church of St. peter statues of 1500. Deserves attentions also the splendid greek-byzantine bell of the Church “St. Nicholas of Mira” and the sanctuary “Madonna della Libera” in elegant baroque style where you secure the prized “painting of the Madonna”. Tradition has it that the picture, while he was on a Venetian ship, arrived near the village of Rodi stopped the ship. The captain went eshore to seek clarification and saw the effigy of the Madonna on a rock. Amazed he took the picture on board, but the next day it happened the same thing. The ship could not suffer and the effigy of the Madonna was at the same place the day before. At the end the captain understood that the Madonna wanted to stay in Rodi and he made gift of the miraculous Effigy to the people of Rodi that chose her as their protector.

A sanctuary was devoted to this Madonna that is today still existing. Behind the central altar is preserved the Sacre Stone on wich the picture of the Madonna was placed.
In the first three days of July it is held the festa patronale devoted to “Maria SS. Della Libertà”and “San Cristoforo”. The sacred effigy of the Madonna and the imposing statue of the Saint are accompanied in a long procession, which participates the whole town, along the roads of the historicall center.

In these days the village has a new face. A strately illumination crosses the whole village: the evening of the festa is closed with a show of pyrotechnic fireworks on the sea.
For all July and August the planning “Rodi Estate” cheers and accompanies the evenings of the tourista and the population of Rodi with musical shows, cinema reviews, theatrical events, pictorial shows, concerts and feasts that have assignment to make to discover Rodi’s tastes.

The Garganico’s citrus fruit are protagonists of local demonstrations at the feast of the oranges, that is held toward the end of May, and during which it is possible to consume sweets, jams and liqueurs prepared with our fruits and to admire compositions and decorations of citrus fruit along the roads of the country.
The program “Rodi Estate” finishes with the festival of the bands which parteciapte the most famous bands in Puglia.

Ciltural and folklorist demonstrations alternate during the whole year.

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