Each destination is easily attainable given the central location of Rodi garganico. Starting point for many wonderful excursions between nature, art and religion.
From Rodi Garganico the enchanting Tremiti Islands can be reached easily thanks to the service of mototr vessels departing from the new marina called “Maria SS della Libera” inaugurated the 25th july of 2009, with port services that ensure quick links daily, with possible of excursions and visits to the enchanting sea caves.

Tremiti Archipelago is one of the most popular tourist destinations and booster of Puglia, thanks to the fabulous natural scenery…beaches, caves, caves and rocks suggestive. The small archipelago is made up of 3 islands: San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia. One of the most characteristic of Gargano is its coastline.
The more suggestive spectacle is that of the many and beautiful grottoes carved over millennia by sea and wind. Special speedboats depart daily from the marina of Rodi Garganico and tread the whole stretch of coast between Rodi, Peschici and Vieste.

Also tou can make excursions by Land Rover to explore the mysteries of the gargano National Park, along the banks of the mere of the Umbra Forest…unspoiled ideal destination for those who like to live in nature. The landscape of the Umbra Forest with its strong colors is truly magical, its forest surprise to the variety and beauty of trees that stratch for thousands of hectares. The forest lends to receive tourists through a network of footpaths, bike paths, picnic equipped woth tables and beaches, bars, church and museum. The real attraction of the forest is the “deer park” locates at its center.

Gargano, in addition to the considerable natural heritage that boasts, is also a land of saints such as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (San Giovanni Rotondo) and St. Michael (Monte Sant’Angelo).
San Giovanni Rotondo, langsyne a simple farming village, is now the destination of many religious pilgrimages: the fame of this country is due to the come in 1916 of the Capuchin Friar Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, the humble friar of the stigamata who here lived and worked. To him we owe the realization of the “Home for the Relief of Suffering”, one of the most important Italy hospitals.

Recently a new church is dedicated to Saint Pio, a monument work designed in modern style by architect Renzo Piano, architect of international renown. Monte S. Angelo is the center higher then the Gargano leans on a limestone rock in wich there are many caves like St. Micahael. In addition to the Basilica os San Michele, Monte S. Angelo also boasts a norma castle, several churches and baptisteries and the famous Abbey of Pulsano. But according to tradition, the Archangel Michael would appear in a second cave, now Sanctuary, three kilometers from Cagnano Varano, this cave little known but equally impressive than the first, is long a hundred meters and is located to the banks of Lake varano.

For all the excursions we offers the possibility of making reservations and purchase tickets directly at the hotel reception.

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